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Why do I need an Operations Manual?

An Operations Manual, or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) document, is vital for any organization aiming for operational excellence, and strategic growth. This crucial document:


  • Documents Key Activities to enhance team efficiency and streamline current processes.

  • Manages Risks by providing SOPs for emergencies, ensuring quick and appropriate responses to issues.

  • Improves Communication across the team, essential during onboarding or turnover.

  • Increases Valuation and aids succession planning, securing a future with a clear operational blueprint.

"Working with Rogue to develop our Operations Manual has been a great experience.  Rogue's process isn’t just about creating a technical document—it’s a comprehensive service guided by experts across multiple fields. From Operations and Franchising, to Marketing and Technology, their insights were invaluable in crafting a comprehensive playbook and sharing valuable experience with our team."

Wade Bruce

Potikki's Restaurant Group

A Playbook Designed For You

First, our four-month process of creating an Operations Manual is more than just a manual. Throughout this journey, you'll receive expert advice from highly regarded professionals in Operations, Development, Marketing, Technology, Design and Policy.

The result isn't just a custom playbook for your business, but also the discovery of new and valuable innovations for your brand as well as a roadmap for current and future team members.

Step 1: Discovery and Needs Assessment

The Rogue team begins by first meeting on-site both with the executive team as well as in the customer-facing or production environments. This visit follows a holistic outline of all aspects of a franchise system from legal and compliance to customer service and retention.

During this Discovery we review important brand-specific documents such as Employment Agreements, current policies, CRM and Database architecture, and if needed even niche regulatory items such as Franchise Agreements or Franchise Disclosure process. We cross-reference these with current government legal trends such as the Common Employer Legislation and current policies to ensure your documentation is aligned.

Finally, throughout this process, we share with you best practices including technical innovation and marketing trends. Depending on the needs of the business there will be 1-3 more in-site visits and/or video calls.

This initial discovery process takes approximately 4 weeks.

  • Our expertise lies in our ability to efficiently extract and organize the knowledge from you and your team, along with any existing documentation you have. With decades of combined experience in policy writing for government agencies combined with extensive senior-level experience across various departments and industries, we are equipped to deliver the comprehensive and tailored manual your organization requires. You can view our team here.

  • You do. We transfer all documents and folders to your team upon completion.

  • Edits can be made easily with any PDF editor - we can train your team or help with edits when needed.

  • It is recommended that the playbook stay behind a secure portal that we create. Additionally Rogue signs a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement with you before the Discovery. We are trusted by clients in the private and government sectors to protect their information.

  • Final payment does not occur until the manual is finished and you are happy with the result. Additionally, throughout the creation process if you are unhappy all work done to date can be transferred to you for another vendor to continue where we have left off. (We’re happy to say that has never happened)

  • No, the manual is custom-written by our team. We sometimes utilize AI for research, documentation/note taking during the Discovery meetings, and to assist in final quality control and grammar editing.

    Ultimately, a professional operations manual requires very specific and usually non-public knowledge as well as an understanding of your business only obtained through private Discovery meetings. 

    Attempting to use AI to write a comprehensive manual such as this would not only fail, it would be irresponsible.

  • Certainly, our team includes franchising experts with several decades of experience in franchising and are versed in the complexities of franchise relationships and franchise legislation.

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