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What It Means to Be a Rogue

Rogue is a team of disruptors. Our focus is on going against the grain and providing innovative solutions for our clients.


We are not your typical agency – we offer a unique approach and aim to provide our clients with personalized strategies that work for their specific needs.

Wade has extensive executive experience leading Operations and Marketing across varied private industries covering everything from Software/SaaS to Finance and Hospitality. Although he built his experience abroad it's in Nova Scotia he is proud to bring his experience in traditional and technical process improvements to companies in high growth or active change environments.

Wade has a passion for change management and has worked closely over the past six years with companies and founders either needing to scale, or to make and implement critical and often challenging  decisions.  In addition has repeatedly worked with organizations across Canada and the US thus providing an international viewpoint to current business issues. 

Managing Partner

Wade MacCallum

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Brandon recently graduated from NSCC IT Web Programming and it doesn't take long to realize his adaptability and eagerness to learn.  A self proclaimed IT jack of all trades, Brandon is equipped with foundational knowledge and experience in quite a few fields. He quickly converted his final work term with Rogue as his first official IT related role.


A notable achievement includes the development of a mobile application designed to combat human trafficking and domestic violence by providing users with a safe and reliable way to share their location and record evidence in real-time.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Brandon Roy

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Chhabi graduated from NSCAD University in 2020 with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Design. Her design career spans over 4+ years in various industries including (but not limited to) Fashion, Advertising, Digital Publication, Sports, Casino and now Politics! 


She is passionate about designing custom websites that engage users and deliver exceptional results. Her area of expertise lies in User Experience Design, Responsive Design, and Graphic Design.

Design Consultant

Chhabi Parmar

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Dylan has played various senior roles for government executives in Ontario and Nova Scotia, specializing in Issues Management, Public Relations, and Strategic Communications, particularly in the domains of Health, Education, Public Safety, and Labor Relations.

He likes to discover straightforward solutions for complex problems and put people together and start conversations that get them thinking about new opportunities and novel ideas.

When out of the office, he’s either at the soccer pitch or hockey rink, doing his best to keep up with two very active teenagers that seem to be faster and smarter than him every day.

Managing Partner

Dylan Blain

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A proven “hands on” Sales & Business Development Director with a wealth of expertise in building and leading sales teams for organizations across many vertical markets. These engagements include Start-Ups and established Enterprise companies. His experience spans 30+ years in North America and EMEA following a successful 11-year career in the Royal Air Force as an Aeronautical Engineer, which created a strong foundation of organization, discipline and teamwork.


In his spare time, Paul is an Amateur sports coach and enthusiast with a competitive drive to win and coach others to success.

Senior Associate; Business Development & Strategic Growth

Paul Bates

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Brenden is an experienced campaign professional who has held a variety of staff positions on provincial, riding and leadership campaign teams. He has experience in political operations, outreach and special project roles that have provided him with a versatile skill set that include proficiencies in conducting research, analyzing data, and creating communications and outreach strategies.

Additionally, Brenden currently serves as an Intelligence Officer in the Canadian Army Reserve, where he has experience as both an Intelligence Support Team commander in an exercise environment and as an administrative officer. Exposure to these environments have prepared him to advise on research planning, conduct of briefings and personnel management, in addition to his in-depth understanding of global affairs.

Client Business Lead

Brenden Zwicker

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