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Show them you're human...

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

So... I don't know when it happened but sometime during the rise of industrialization, then commercialization companies stopped wanting to be perceived as human. I can think of dozens of reasons for this (iconism, perfectionism, ego?) but ultimately I'm not sure the how really matters. What does matter is the outcome when companies aren't afraid to say they made a mistake. And like a good group of responsible humans should do - then explaining how they are fixing their mistake. There are a few examples of this working well such as the Dominos recipe disaster. But there are countless examples of companies trying, and failing, to cover up their mistakes including Apple UpdateGate and the university business staple: the Ford Pinto price of human life disaster. A couple years ago the company that really nailed this well is KFC. They truly showed their human side... and in the course of doing so built trust with their consumer. This quick read really shows what they did right, and maybe demonstrate why others should put on their 'grownup pants' and face the music as well.

KFC great marketing and advertising decision - saying KFC on a bucket


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