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Manufactured Distrust: A Conservative Tactic and the Erosion of Media Credibility

A new Pollara study casts a shadow on media credibility that I know right and far right political operators will be patting themselves on the back about.

In recent years, the credibility of journalists and mainstream media outlets has been subjected to relentless scrutiny. One cannot deny that a significant portion of this erosion can be attributed to the efforts of conservative politicians and pundits.

This deliberate campaign has had far-reaching consequences for our democratic society, stifling public discourse and fostering division. Conservatives have adeptly utilized the power of perception to cultivate doubt in the media by repeatedly casting the mainstream media as biased and creating an atmosphere of skepticism among their supporters.

Through this deliberate campaign, they have tapped into existing concerns about media bias and amplified them to the point where questioning the validity of any news story has become second nature for many.

By strategically manufacturing distrust in the media, conservatives are undermining the public's faith in journalism in an attempt to expand their voter base. In short, they are attempting to convince their supporters that only they should be believed, regardless of the facts.

By undermining the credibility of journalists, these actors are effectively undermining the very institutions that are designed to hold them accountable. This erosion allows for misinformation to flourish, as it becomes increasingly difficult for the public to distinguish fact from fiction. In this climate, the truth becomes malleable, and public discourse suffers greatly.

Many have decried these tactics on the basis that a) they're just plain sinister, but more importantly b) they have grave implications for our democratic society.

A free and independent press is a cornerstone of any thriving democracy, period.

Recognizing and addressing this is crucial to safeguarding our democratic principles. Transparency and fact-checking should be promoted as essential components of journalism, helping to restore trust in the media. Promoting media literacy is equally important, as it enables citizens to critically evaluate information and resist manipulation.

To protect the integrity of our democracy, we must recognize this manufactured distrust, hold those responsible for perpetuating it accountable, and promote transparency and media literacy. Only by doing so can we restore trust in our media and reaffirm the importance of an informed and engaged citizenry.

There’s a lot that depends on it.


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