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What are Rogue's ‘Fractional Services’ ?

In a significant move towards advancing our corporate vision, Rogue Consulting is delighted to provide their suite of services to clients in the form of Fractional Services…

But what does that mean? What exactly is a ‘Fractional Service’?

In short, our Fractional Services provide anything from junior to senior level support for your company’s executive team to play a crucial role in shaping the future of your company.

Let’s clarify what the advantage is:

At Rogue Consulting, we understand that startups and small-to-medium-sized enterprises require innovative and flexible solutions to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Onboarding new team members or standing up a full department of marketing or operations is an expensive task, taking weeks or months to get everyone on the same page. Our Fractional Services option is designed to help your business thrive while on a budget.

With a collaborative and insightful approach, Wade, Dylan or members of our team become an integral part of whatever it is that you require, whether it be weekly team meetings and providing guidance and expertise or being readily available for calls and discussions on projects and tasks.

A primary focus of our efforts will be on various initiatives aimed at elevating the company's performance and fostering an environment of innovation and success.

From resume sorting and interview prep, we can participate in the hiring and training processes of new team members to nurture the growth of HR personnel. We can even help you find our replacement (yes. You read that correctly) by fostering leadership skills and knowledge-sharing to build internal supports that can eventually take over tasks that we have been assigned.

Our Fractional Services option offers unparalleled agility, cost-effectiveness, and expertise at a fraction of the cost.

About Rogue Consulting:

Rogue Consulting is a Management Consulting company that always provides two unique viewpoints to help clients realize and take advantage of new opportunities.

Rogue includes a team of seasoned consultants with decades of senior leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. This blend of private and public senior leadership experience provides a unique advantage to their clients. Services include Project and Fractional support for: Marketing, Public Relations, Government Relations, IT and Organizational/Change Management.

Key areas that our Fractional Services focus on include:

Strategic Planning: Collaborating closely with a company’s executive team, we contribute to the development and execution of the company's strategic vision. By harnessing a deep understanding of market trends and business dynamics, we will help steer your company towards continued growth and prominence.

Operations Management: At the helm of operational oversight, we will ensure that all facets of the company align with its overarching strategic goals. We are another set of eyes that can help cross the T’s. By maintaining a high-level view, we enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of day to day operations.

Social Media and Marketing Support: Our team of provide customized solutions to address your unique needs for Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Graphic Design, and Website Development.

Risk Management: We map and assess potential challenges to develop comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, safeguarding against unforeseen obstacles. This proactive stance enhances an organization's resilience and stability. We try not to just point out the problems but come up with solutions that meet your organization’s goals and objectives.

Stakeholder Management: We are committed to fostering a culture of accountability and success. Through nurturing positive relationships with external partners and stakeholders, we help fortify your reputation as a trusted and valued business collaborator.

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