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June 21, 2023

HALIFAX, NS – Bluenose Health, a subscription based primary care medical clinic serving Nova Scotians, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Rogue Consulting Co., a management consulting company, to provide strategic communications support, deliver public information campaigns and prepare for future growth.

Bluenose Health is a private nurse practitioner-led primary care medical clinic offering limited subscribers personalised, patient-centred medical care by appointment, in-person and via telephone, with easy online or telephone booking.

“​We started Bluenose Health to help Nova Scotians manage their primary care needs, chronic health issues, mental health challenges and process medical administrative items. Since opening our doors a few short months ago, our accessible and affordable service and subscription options have assisted hundreds of Nova Scotians get the primary care they need,” said Randy Stevens, Founder and CEO of Bluenose Health.

Rogue Consulting Co. delivers a full spectrum of executive consulting services to public and private sector clients and currently provides the Bluenose team communications advice related to brand awareness and communications activities for their expanding operations.

“Working with Randy and the team at Bluenose Health has been an uplifting experience. We are excited to support their efforts to successfully deliver premium quality services to their patients. We look forward to working with them in the months and years to come as they expand outside of HRM,” said Wade MacCallum, President of Rogue Consulting Co.

As Bluenose continues to expand services in HRM, partnerships with companies like this one will further enhance the quality and availability of medical services currently being delivered to Nova Scotians who need access to Primary Care.

Media Contact:

Dylan Blain

(902) 440-4446

About Bluenose Health

Accessing care with Bluenose Health is easy. Simply purchase your subscription and then book your in-person or telephone appointment. Fees will then be charged per visit according to the type of service requested.

​Bluenose offers a limited number of subscriptions to ensure timely access to quality primary healthcare. Each member of your family will be required to have their own membership in order to have their own unique medical profile. Membership fees will ensure your timely access to see a nurse practitioner.​

Learn more about Bluenose Health by visiting

About Rogue Consulting Co.

Rogue Consulting is a Management Consulting company that always provides two unique viewpoints to help clients realize and take advantage of new opportunities.

Rogue includes a team of seasoned consultants with decades of senior leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. This blend of private and public senior leadership experience provides a unique advantage to their clients. Services include Project and Fractional support for: Marketing, Public Relations, Government Relations, IT and Organizational/Change Management.

Learn more about Rogue Consulting Co. by visiting


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