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IT Pilots, a company providing computer IT support, security, antivirus & backup solutions for public and private companies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Rogue Consulting Co., a management consulting company, to provide strategic marketing support and prepare for expansion with a current focus in Atlantic Canada.

IT Pilots offers remote and in-person IT management, implementation and maintenance. Specializing in all aspects of business computing, IT Pilots offers affordable, high-quality technology solutions, including backup and recovery systems implementation/auditing, technology services emergency response and virus, malware, and spam protection and removal.

“​A big topic these days is ransomware and the ability of malware to break through virus protection systems and encrypting companies without proper IT surveillance. We have developed our own proprietary monitoring system for ransomware. If you need your data protected, you need a more stringent level of protection,” said Stuart Atkinson, president and founder of IT Pilots.

Rogue Consulting Co. delivers a full spectrum of executive consulting services to public and private sector clients and currently provides the IT Pilots team communications advice, marketing support and client engagement services.

“We have been working with Stu and the IT Pilots team over the past few months to develop a market growth strategy. We have identified a need for greater competition in Atlantic Canada and we are excited to help them navigate a period of transition in the upcoming months as they expand in Atlantic Canada and throughout North America,” said Wade MacCallum, President of Rogue Consulting Co.

As IT Pilots continues to expand services in Atlantic Canada, partnerships with companies like this one will further enhance the quality and availability of affordable, comprehensive IT support and solutions

About IT Pilots

You hired your employees because of their skills and experience. At IT Pilots, we offer comprehensive computer IT support, systems management and problem-solving. Let us handle your technology systems and free your employees to concentrate on the jobs they were hired to do.

IT Pilots offers remote and in-person consulting, implementation, repair, and maintenance. Specializing in all aspects of business computing. We are your choice for affordable, high-quality technology solutions, including:

  • Workstation and server hardware repair

  • Software sales and support

  • Backup and recovery

  • Implementation and auditing

  • Complete cyber security solution

  • 24-hour support emergency response

  • Network and Fibre optic cabling and installations

Do you want peace of mind knowing that your technology runs smoothly and efficiently? We have the expertise to help you succeed.

We’re knowledgeable, approachable, accountable, and very good at what we do. Contact us today and let us show you.

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